Modul-Connect electrical system

Modul-Connect is a ground-breaking innovative wiring and control system, which enables you to control all of the vehicle’s auxiliary electrical items with your mobile device. It is extremely versatile and can handle large loads.

The system is developed for the light commercial vehicle industry, by Modul-System in collaboration with specialists within automotive electronics and software. The product is developed and produced in Sweden, using high-quality components. Therefore, we can with confidence offer a 3 year warranty.

Modul-Connect is completely independent of the OEM’s electrical system and any other vehicle electrics. The system has undergone rigorous testing and holds both the E and CE mark.

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  • Modul-Connect Main Box

  • Modul-Connect Main Box PRO

  • Modul-Connect Remote Control

  • Modul-Connect Backlit Switch Panel

  • Modul-Connect Display Switch Panel

  • Modul-Connect On-board Vehicle Weighing System

  • Modul-Connect Interior Antenna

  • Modul-Connect Exterior Antenna

  • Modul-Connect Interior Antenna for Passerger Cars

  • Modul-Connect PIR Sensor

  • Modul-Connect Climate Sensor

  • Modul-Connect Asset Tracker

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  • Total: 14

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