Compact | 3200 mm | 5.8 m3

All of the products listed below have been specifically designed to fit the make, model and size of the selected vehicle. Please use the additional filter options to view the correct products for your van. We cannot guarantee the products will fit if these options are not selected.

Also note that the fitting material, included with each kit, is intended for body installation. Brackets for non-intrusive installation in floor and wall rails are supplied separately.

  • Van racking kit 20100131

  • Van racking kit 20100129

  • Van racking kit 20100132

  • Van racking kit 20100130

  • Van racking kit 20100133

  • Kit Panel lining Vito L1 - RD

  • Roof bar kit Vito 14-, 2 bars

  • Roof bar kit Vito 14-, 3 bars

  • Roof bar kit Vito 14- with rails, 2 bars

  • Roof bar kit Vito 14- with rails, 3 bars

  • Light bar kit Vito 14- (front/rear)

  • Floor Vito L1 - with seat box - RD

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