The three magic questions

When you turn to a Modul-System Service Center, you get support all the way – from an empty van to a complete service vehicle. To make things easy for you, we follow a well-defined process with a focus on three questions:

1. Who are you?
2. What do you need?
3. When do you want to be up and running?

That’s all, really. And that’s the magic.

Below you can read more about each step in our process – what it involves and how you benefit. However, the best way to get to know us is to pay us a visit. With more than 100 stations globally, you’re never far away from a Modul-System Service Center.

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1. Who are you?

Carpenter, electrician, plumber, telecom technician … it doesn’t matter who you are. Just tell us about your work situation and vehicle, and we’ll put together a proposal for a complete conversion.

Different professions have different needs. An electrician wants shelves for pipes and storage boxes for cables and tools, while a plumber will go for drawers for pipe connections. And even if you compare one carpenter’s needs with another, you will probably find that they aren’t the same.

That’s why we start by sorting out what you work with, what your working days look like and what kind of vehicle you drive. This gives us a good design platform for your van.

We have the tools to visualize your new service vehicle in 3D, and you get a detailed specification including a cost estimate. We can also help you calculate the return on investment generated by the new equipment.

2. What do you need?

We give you a myriad of products to choose from, and guide you all the way through to a combination that meets your specific needs.

Naturally, the basis of your equipment is the racking system. We offer modular and bespoke designs – some with a more traditional appearance, some with a really exclusive look.

The flooring, lining and bulkhead are other important parts of your service vehicle. Not only will they make your vehicle look better, they will also contribute to a safer installation. Interior and exterior lighting complete the basic offering.

In addition, there are hundreds of accessories to choose from – everything from boxes and shelf dividers to vices and roof racks. We can also handle special requirements such as branding and striping.

3. When do you want to be up and running?

Just tell us, and we’ll be ready. You get your vehicle on the right date, with the right equipment, all correctly fitted.

We fit service vehicle equipment every single working day. That’s why we dare to promise you a guaranteed delivery date – we know what it takes to fit the equipment and we know how important it is for you to get your service vehicle on time.

Just as important is the quality of the installation. Our people are certified and strictly follow the detailed fitting instructions. You can have your racking system body fitted or profile fitted.

You get a three-year warranty on the installation. Should anything not be to your satisfaction, you get top priority until you’re entirely happy.

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